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African American Wigs - Amazing Hair Styles for Women of Color

African American Wigs - Amazing Hair Styles for Women of Color

African American wig styles are in more demand now as our schedules get tighter.  In the black community, great hair means sleeker and well-kept (aka never nappy).  But the time you need to put in sitting in a salon chair is a big demand on a busy schedule (which we all have!).  Last year there were over $950 million on African American hair products.  Needless to say… we take great pride in our hair! 

However, you don’t always have to spend the time in the chair.  A wig is the best option as it is a quick way to get a perfect hair style that only looks like you spent hours at the salon.  Will look just like your hair… even better!   Besides the convenience factor, wigs allows great flexibility in allowing you to change your hairstyle overnight!  This is a good option for women who prefer having new looks every day or week.

African American wigs have improved in quality and range of choices in the past few years.  Brands like Vivica Fox, Motown Tress, and Forever Young have grown as the demand for quality products has increased by women of color. But the many traditional brands are expanding their lines to include hair that is a bit more textured... and who says you have to stay with textured hair anyway?  We can have any hair we want... if the wig fits... wear it!


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