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How I Fell in Love... With Wigs

How I Fell in Love... With Wigs

I was asked (in 2016) if I wear wigs all the time. The truth was…I did not (except for fun and on rare occasions). I was regular wearer of extensions and hairpieces, but I just didn't wear wigs. 

I am however, very passionate about our clients and the experience we offer on our sites.  But, if I didn't know what living daily with wigs was like…how could I relate to my clients?

So… I decided to try them on for size.  I committed to wear a wig everyday for 30 days (morning to night) and feel what our clients feel.  

Well, 30 days turned in to 88 days straight!  I journaled and posted several of my stories about my experience last year, but here are some of the highlights


What I Learned About Wigs...was pretty amazing. I’ve been in this industry for so many years and I knew everything about them… or so I thought!  But I learned some important things to remember when wearing wigs:

No matter how different or "not natural" you think you look in your wig… people just don’t notice enough to realize your wearing a wig.  It was shocking how many who see me regularly, didn’t catch on.. and then didn’t really believe me when I would tell them I was wearing a wig. Crazy… but true! Will happen to you too.


Wigs are not itchy… your wig cap and how your hair sits under the wig cap is important. When your wig cap is not fitting properly it can ride up or slide around.  This is what will cause your hair to move around under there and this is what will itch.  Easy fix!  I like mesh wig caps and once I get the fit just right…I don’t move it at all!  


Natural look = confidence!  Needed to make my wig look completely natural are two key things.  (1) Lace front and monofilament cap design.  These hand tied features make all the difference, ensuring the most natural movement of your hair and appearance of a natural hairline and scalp.  (2) Rooted colors.  a slight shaded root will make your style look super natural.  Whether i am going brunette or blonde, (btw...redhead is my favorite!) a natural or even dramatic root is the way to go for me.


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