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Comparative analysis of professional website and self-service website building

Comparative analysis of professional website and self-service website building

A website is the basic element of internet marketing. In the past, many small companies either hired professional network companies, or found a small network youth who could do web pages instead, and then they learned to do it themselves. Today's website construction is becoming more and more sophisticated, and the requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, it is a question that many small business owners are considering whether they should find a professional network company or use self-help website construction tools to build their own company website.

Self-service website building tools mainly build and update websites through the use of templates and content management systems. Makes website construction and maintenance easier. Many hosting service providers provide self-service website building products, which are bundled with hosting services.

Self-service website building is where you click the mouse and tap the keyboard there, and then many basic elements such as forms, searches, site maps, message boards, calendars, etc. are displayed. Moreover, many hosting service providers not only bundle self-service website building tools with domain name hosting services, but also often package sales with subsequent promotion work such as website promotion, email marketing, search engine optimization, and traffic statistics, which not only provides professional services for ordinary enterprises. 、 Systemic service, which solves the practical difficulties of implementing network marketing as an enterprise that does not understand network marketing. From the perspective of the website operation process, a very attractive place is that the long-term cost is low, and the packaging cost is decreasing year by year for promotion The domain name, hosting, promotion and other fees are paid separately each year. Therefore, the relatively low-cost entry of self-service website building is also an important reason for attracting customers. However, none of the disadvantages of self-service station building are willing to be mentioned. As a service company for customer service, it does not give customers a clear analysis of the pros and cons, leaving the majority of users in the dark.

Since self-service website building has all the above benefits, why do people even specifically ask online companies to make websites? In fact, self-service building lacks flexibility in design and layout. For example, if a template is a banner ad at the top and a vertical menu on the left, and you want the navigation bar to be at the top and the banner ad at the bottom, this template cannot provide such a choice. And it ’s ridiculous that the company that often provides services is the first self-service website building system that does not use its development or offer to use, because self-service website construction has fatal sorrows in terms of online marketing and corporate website brand image , I would like to ask, legal and formal enterprises around the world are using self-service to build their own online brand, we will not object to you using self-service to build your own corporate website, but we remind you if you really value the value of online marketing And understanding, it is recommended that you do not use it. Seemingly low cost and expense investment will bring incalculable negative effects to your business.

Some self-service website-building systems also display their brand information on your website, especially for free self-service website-building. If your website is a commercial website, it is best not to use this free tool.

There is another biggest difference when using self-service website construction. It is said that the website construction that can be achieved by typing only is not as convenient as it is called. It is usually enough to learn how to use this tool. In fact, the more distinctive the self-service website building tool, the more personalized features, the more exquisite website effect, the more troublesome it is to use. You need to learn a lot of knowledge: color application, layout style, information construction, layout and design, etc. If the wrong knowledge is used, it will bring counterproductive effects to the website. Therefore, even if you are already familiar with the relevant knowledge and skilled in the use of computers and networks, completing a self-service website is far from easy to imagine.

For a small business owner, the first step in considering the construction and maintenance of a website is to think about how long, how much money, manpower, patience, and existing computer network knowledge, etc. The conclusion is helpful to judge whether to use self-service website construction or hire a professional website construction team.

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