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Enterprise business website construction solution

Enterprise business website construction solution

    1. Brief introduction of website construction plan

    This solution is a complete e-commerce platform solution for enterprises to conduct electronic transaction management. The business system of an enterprise is aimed at optimizing and reengineering the business process of serving the enterprise, comprehensively improving the technical connotation of the information system, realizing the strategic shift of "taking products as the center to customer service as the center", and achieving full external adaptation and rapid response. Efficient internal communication and quick decision-making. As an important part of the business strategy, many large enterprises have begun to use the power of the Internet to build and deploy their own network trading platform. The transaction management and sales platform based on the Internet will bring unlimited business opportunities to the enterprise, and at the same time put forward higher requirements for the management and operation of the enterprise. Information is the lifeblood of influencing enterprise management and business decision-making. With effective control of information, a more reasonable customer relationship can be established, and a complete supply system and distribution system can be established to enable the enterprise to have a higher quality of logistics and capital flow operations. Control, the market prediction is more scientific and accurate, thereby improving the market competitiveness of enterprises.

Realize online transactions and business

    For enterprises focusing on online transactions, expanding and integrating business through the Internet platform is the only way to accelerate development. By updating management ideas, optimizing business processes, and reducing management costs, we can achieve more comprehensive, timely, and effective monitoring, analysis, and utilization of the sales system. Enables companies to quickly grasp information and respond to changes in market demand. Thereby enhancing the connection between the company and lower-level distributors and customers, with the shortest supply chain, fastest response speed, lowest cost, personalized products, solutions and services, improve customer satisfaction, improve market sales, and effectively Reduce channel costs and improve corporate profitability.

Realize multi-point information interaction

    Established on the basis of the internal network of the enterprise, making full use of the coverage ability of the Internet, connecting various branches of the enterprise, establishing a network based on nationwide internal information interaction and resource sharing, and closely integrating the business flow process and management of the enterprise process.

Establish a complete trading system

    From the first contact with customers, effective management is carried out around business links such as business opportunities, negotiations, contracts, products, orders, transportation, and delivery, helping companies control the business process of sales operations, improve market sales, and effectively reduce channels Cost, improve the profitability of enterprises.

Strengthen customer relationship management

    Through the business process, the basic information and complete business process information of the end customer and the middleman are collected and analyzed regularly to provide customers with a complete whole-process service during the life cycle of the product they purchased.

Second, the website construction system function

Sell ​​B2B online

    The concept of modern marketing is based on the marketer better satisfying the needs and desires of target customers. However, under the "double-edged sword" of technology and cost constraints, marketers can only treat target customers as a group, and can only provide similar products and services, and cannot achieve individual marketing and services for target customers. The rapid development of network technology has greatly reduced the cost of hardware and software related to database processing. This has enabled enterprises (even smaller marketers) to use network marketing to collect, edit, organize and analyze the data of their target customers, and then be able to To create conditions for customers to provide personalized products and services with targeted interactive transmission methods. This not only helps meet the material needs of individual customers, but also makes customers feel the realization of personal value and psychological pleasure.

    Based on its many years of e-commerce application practice and Internet / Intranet application development experience, Shaoxing No.1 Network has developed a set of fully functional online sales B2B e-commerce solutions combining international advanced technology and the characteristics of domestic enterprises. The system with its simple and powerful interface allows users to easily create and manage their own online stores through the network. Enterprises can establish their own unique online trading platform to provide consumers with safe and convenient shopping methods, provide merchants with transaction processing and rich management statistics functions, and the system supports multiple merchant access methods and payment methods. And has the characteristics of friendly user interface, simple use, easy maintenance, stable and reliable, easy to expand and so on.

Sell ​​B2C online

    Online sales B2C system is a system for online sales of enterprise products provided by enterprises for end users. With advanced and complete online shopping function and powerful background management function. Enterprises can use this system to quickly build an e-commerce sales system with advanced functions such as online sales, online payment, freight calculation and order tracking; at the same time, they can use the online sales B2C background management system to maintain and operate online commerce. Provide online product sales tools for enterprises with easy operation and flexible maintenance. The functional modules of the online sales B2C system include customer-facing front-end modules, such as product query, shopping management, order tracking, after-sales service, electronic payment, etc., and background management modules, such as administrator account management, order management, user management, product management , Discount management, customized management, etc.

    In order to meet the needs of enterprises using Internent to achieve online transactions, information exchanges, etc. between suppliers, distributors and partners. The electronic trading market serves as a hub that tightly connects decentralized buyers and sellers, allowing buyers and sellers to collaborate in real time without being restricted by time and geographical industries. With the support of technology and standards, it can help companies greet foreigners at the fastest speed Changes and quickly capture business opportunities, so it is the most open and active of many e-commerce models, and will surely become the most fundamental link and the most important and most common transaction method in the future cost and speed competition business model.

3. Features of Website Construction Program

Build a complete business and transaction system

Achieve traceability of business processes

User-oriented enterprise information portal


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