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Seven questions about website revision

Seven questions about website revision

Through research and research, it is shown that visitors often have a rating for a website within seconds of landing on a website. In fact, the Stanford University (Stanford) guidelines for website credibility research also found that people rate A website is largely visually affected. If the website looks professional, the professional look enhances the user's trust in the website. So have you considered a website revision? What should I pay attention to before deciding to change the website?

1. What is the performance of the website through the analysis of website statistics tools?

What is the current conversion rate of website users? Do users leave as soon as they come to the site? … Analyze some key data to identify the feedback information of your website, and understand the effect of the website through real data. If you find that the trend of key data of the website is going in a bad direction, you should study what is wrong with the website. Decide where to change it. If the performance of most web pages is good, you should reconsider whether you want to re-edit, the cost of revision is very high.

2. Which elements of the website are good or which are bad?

Arbitrarily revising the website at will is a waste of resources. Without direction, you may delete some elements of the website that users find useful. For example: After a website is revised, the quick navigation of the website is deleted. Only ABCD's English initial navigation is classified. The original quick navigation is very convenient for users to find what they want. The result is that the revised website is not even more user friendly. friendly.

The cost of website revision is very high, so we need to test the usability of the website to identify what the user likes, what is good and what is not good, keep the good in the new version and remove the bad, the best if not The whole site is revised.

3. Are you willing to take the risk of making old users feel uncomfortable when the website is completely revised?

There is a risk in the new website revision. Most people are naturally a bit resistant to changes, so users are likely to react negatively to this. The value of the advantages of the newly designed website should be more than the loss of the risk of change, especially the original website has a large number of old users. When they come back, they think that the original familiar things are gone, just like going Same as a new website. Even if the new website is better than the old one, they will not like it just because it is the new website. If through various investigations and tests, you are sure that the new website will be much better, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, and you are willing to take the risk of making the old users feel uncomfortable, and believe that most of them will return, then this is the time for the new version to go online.


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