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Do Tank Bags Will Replace All Camera Bags

Do Tank Bags Will Replace All Camera Bags

Like all ThinkTank bags, it is increbidly well thought out, and made from the best possible materials. This is the "Version 2.0" of the UD50, which means I'm benefitting from the cumulative input of a bunch of version 1.0 beta testers. Suckers.

There are pockets everywhere, which is good, because you need places to keep your bits. An outer front zipper gives way to an internal compartment with business card holders, slots for pens, markers or wine corkers (you never know when you need one -you just can't bring it on the plane) plus a few other pockets within, including one zippered pocket to hold your assorted bits of paper, receipts, or lens cloths. Under this is a clipped flap, which reveals an expandible pouch, which could hold an extra camera body with the lens detached if necessary, complete with padded dividers. I ended up shoving all my assorted cables in here, chargers, extra batteries, and memory card readers - the bag came with a very useful Mini Pixel Pocket Rocket memory card holder - and used another zipped pocket within to hold my tether USB cable, but this last space could easily store some paper documents if necessary.

The inside is well padded with three "standard" sections; more than enough accessory velcro dividers are provided for you to customize the bag to your needs. There's even a back slot to slide in some less bulky items. What's incredibly well-thought out here are two things: the dividers are low enough that you have a significant amount of space at the top of the bag after all your gear is in, save for some longer telephoto lenses. I would be able to fit a pro sized speedlight atop the camera body if I wanted. There's also the VERY clever option of a zipper (found just under that front flap), that allows for the bag to expand outward slightly to accomodate a larger "pro" body SLR or at least a less-pro one with a battery grip.

Then there's the laptop hold, which, as I mentioned, should be able to accomodate a 15-inch no problem. It is lightly padded and customizable with a velcroed area: maybe so you could create a divide for an iPad and some items instead -although cramming a laptop WITH an iPad in this section is ill-advised. Finally there's a "rear" back pocket that, brilliantly, has a zipper on the bottom so that you can undo it and loose your important documents¡­ or slip it over the extendible handle on your rolling case to ease your shoulder pain. To round it all off, I'll mention the shoulder support, which is incredibly thick and curved to help distribute the weight of the bag evenly and left me without concerns of a harsh line cut into my body by a bag strap.


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