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Order Flow

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1、 Register and login

2、 Look for required items

      Click product (banner above the website),then items can be displayed in page. You can search the designated items quickly in the left classifieds

      Move the mouse to the classification column, the corresponding sub-categories, and the third level of classification will be displayed in the right side of the classification column Move the mouse to the third level classification and click on it, the site will list the classification of products

3、 Purchase the required items

     Click on any products in the list above, enter the product detail page. Enter the purchase quantity, add them to cart by clicking on the icon

4、 Once you confirm all of the required items are included in the shopping cart, select the appropriate express delivery and submit order.


5、  Pay for your orders.

     Click “my order” or  you can see all of your orders.You can make payment via paypal or credit card to finish your order. If you hesitate you can pay it in list of your order.


6、 View your order status

unpaid———————make order but no payment

canceled——————cancel order and can not pay

paid   ———————you have paid  successfully

shipped ——————We have sent your package

pick up  ——————Please go to local post office to get your package

delivered   —————received your package (You can give us a feedback now)

return    ——————return your package (Please Add remark your tracking number)


7Tracking your package

    When we have a tracking number of your order my website will send you an email about tracking numbr automatically. Also you can View your order and find out Tracking Number in the bottom of the web page. Delayed one business day after delivery we will have a tracking number. Thank you for your patience


8Meaning of icons


        ——————————you can access the shopping cart quickly at any time.

——————————Click this icons to contact us as soon as possible

——————————You can view your order easily. Try to click it please.


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